A famous baseball stadium comes to life in this engaging interactive story brought to you by legendary sports icon and role model Derek Jeter.

download on itunes: night at the stadium ireader

duration: june-august 2017

gui design, activities, animation, App icon

ruckus media group / Ruckus learning

Interactive storybook


Ruckus Learning was approached by Derek Jeter’s company to transform his story “Night a the Stadium” into an interactive storybook. This story follows Gideon after his attendance to a Yankees game where he loses his autograph book and goes on a mini adventure to recover it. On his journey he meets a cast of characters ranging from lively hoses, buckets, and rakes to flying baseballs, bats and concessions. With this interactive book, kids can read along, record their voice and play games and join Gideon on his adventure to find his misplaced autograph book.

This interactive storybook was different from the other books that I have designed for Ruckus Learning, due to the animations sprinkled throughout.


This interactive storybook features a series of activities, this in particular featuring a Maze, Catch the Falling Object, Rebus and Object Launcher activities.

Featured above is the Maze activity. From flattened assets, I had to design portions of this maze from scratch; the walls, placement of characters, and even the red hose weaving throughout. I also created a walk cycle for Gideon. These GUI elements were then passed to developers so that they know how to style the game, the same goes for each activity in the storybook.


Below are a couple of examples of the 14 scenes I animated. My process for creating these animations starts with the story itself. I do my best to convey aspects of what the story was describing visually to make it more engaging for readers. The animation below is when Gideon stumbles into a doorway that takes him towards some mysterious sounds through another doorway at the end, while the latter is the closing scene for the story.


This was a lot of fun because it allowed me to have a fun challenge and go beyond the normal offerings of the apps that I have created for Ruckus Learning by truly bringing this story to life.